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You know them : shopping cart coins or tokens, caddy coins...

We take pride in the fact that we do business with some of the international retail giants. Carrefour and Makro are famous in Belgium; whereas  "Intermarché" and "Leclerc" are absolute market leaders in France.
Not only supermarkets or hypermarkets call on us : various businesses consider these shopping cart tokens to be an ideal and - above all - low cost promotion tool.

Something for your business, too ?

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  • Embossed mono- or polychromatic printed plastic tokens ? The choice is yours !
  • Your logo onto each face or rather some other, additional advertising on the reverse side ? Up to you ...
  • The size of a 1 € or rather a 2 € coin ? Shopping carts usually allow for both options ...

That is all we need to know, to make you your own shopping cart token; so...what are you waiting for ?

Send us your choices and required quantities, and we'll make you an interesting offer immediately after! Or, calculate the cost yourselves, based on our price lists.

Mail us your logo via info@jeton.be