Range / Plastic Tokens with Monochromatic Print

Tokens with monochromatic print carry your logo and/or text in any required colour combination or "cmyk".

These tokens are round (diameters from 23.30 to 38.00mm), square or hexagonal.

Check out the samples below, to give you an idea of how your tokens will look.

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We offer different kinds of tokens, each time in different sizes. Thus, the purchase of plastic tokens offers numerous possibilities. And it is not always easy to make the right choice...

Therefore, we advise you to browse through our  “plastic tokens”-brochure as well as the complete "plastic-price list" in order to determine or prepare that choice

You can design and order your tokens with polychromatic print yourselves in our tokens webshop!

If you prefer a detailed order from us, or if you wish to order immediately, proceed as follows:

1. Send us an email (info@jeton.be) or fill out the contact sheet to indicate your choice/preference concerning:

- colour : check out our colour chart 1 & 2
- required size and shape (circular, square, hexagonal,...)
- required quantity
- embossment

     * personalize 1 or 2 faces : send us a drawing, logo, text or file
     * both faces identical or different, or do you wish only one face embossed ?
Do send us your remarks or tell us something more about the application you have in mind : we'll gladly advise you to achieve the best choice.

2. We'll send you :

- A non-commital offer with a preliminary design for approval (or adaptation)

3. Approval and payment

- After approval of the layout (design) we send you a pro-forma invoice as an order confirmation
- Production starts after receipt of your advance payment 
- Your order will be ready within +/- 3 weeks

Why wait anylonger?

Four easy steps to order tokens

  1. Kindly send us the following information by email:
  • Material of your choice, see material
  • Required size, see sizes
  • Required quanitity;
  • Single or double sided customization ( if yes, please include a drawing, file or logo), you can also select one of our standard logos, see standard dies
  1. Your receive from us: 
  • A non-commital offer with a prelimiary design for approval (or tweaking) with both faces at real size.
  1. Approval:
  • Afer approval of your layout (design) and confirmation of your order, production is started.
  • Your order will be ready in +/- 3 weeks.
  • KIndly send us the following information ahead by email:
  1. Payment
  • Pay in advance by bank transfer;

*Note: payment can be done in either US-dollars $ and Euros €.

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