Range / Bi-Metallic Tokens

Bi-metallic tokens consist of a middle core and an outer rim of different materials, like 1 € and 2 € coins.

The colour contrast produces a special effect with an exclusive appeal.

Your designs can be applied both to the middle core and the outer rim.

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Four simple steps to order tokens

  1. Kindly send us the following information by email:
  • Material of your choice, see material
  • Required size, see sizes
  • Required quanitity;
  • Single or double sided customization ( if yes, please include a drawing, file or logo), you can also select one of our standard logos, see standard dies
  1. Your receive from us: 
  • A non-commital offer with a prelimiary design for approval (or tweaking) with both faces at real size.
  1. Approval:
  • Afer approval of your layout (design) and confirmation of your order, production is started.
  • Your order will be ready in +/- 3 weeks.
  • KIndly send us the following information ahead by email:
  1. Payment
  • Pay in advance by bank transfer;

*Note: payment can be done in either US-dollars $ and Euros €.