Range / Automatic Token Changers

In addition to our core tokens business, ITD PartyCoin bvba offers - in cooperation with a partner company - token distributors of "Comestero"- automatic token changers by Suzo-Happ, one of the world's leading manufacturers of amusement, gaming, vending & cash-handling.

You can come across our automatic changers in all four corners of Belgium.

You'll find them at major league and provincial league football clubs and at top basketball, volleyball and hockey clubs, but also in parking lots, schools, gas stations - near the coffee vending machines - and at cultural associations, etc....




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Four easy steps to order tokens

  1. Kindly send us the following information by email:
  • Material of your choice, see material
  • Required size, see sizes
  • Required quanitity;
  • Single or double sided customization ( if yes, please include a drawing, file or logo), you can also select one of our standard logos, see standard dies
  1. Your receive from us: 
  • A non-commital offer with a prelimiary design for approval (or tweaking) with both faces at real size.
  1. Approval:
  • Afer approval of your layout (design) and confirmation of your order, production is started.
  • Your order will be ready in +/- 3 weeks.
  • KIndly send us the following information ahead by email:
  1. Payment
  • Pay in advance by bank transfer;

*Note: payment can be done in either US-dollars $ and Euros €.