ITD PartyCoin Delivers Worldwide !


  • The tokens produced are always packed in sturdy plastic bags, collected in cardboard boxes and afterwards - depending on the total volume - placed on a pallet.
  • We can also - at a minor cost and at your preliminary request - package the goods in other quantities; small plastic bags of 50, 100, 500... units. Very convenient if you need to re-distribute them later on.

Delivery / Lead Time

  • We can guarantee an almost standaard lead time of about 2 weeks, for either plastic, wooden or metal tokens.
  • This can usually be sped up in case of rerunning a production batch, while it may sometimes take longer if new dies are to be produced or for "special" production runs (e.g. metal nickeled or bored coins).
  • Traditionally the summer and end of year are the busiest season : lead times can increase slightly a number of weeks/months before that time of year
  • In case of real emergency, we'll check our production planning and see if we can squeeze anything in between...


  • UPS is our standard dispatching partner for both national and international shipments. Sometimes we opt for another dispatcher if they can offer better terms or faster delivery to a certain destination.
  • In principle you will be notified by mail with a tracking number from as soon as the goods are on their way: you can track the delivery on-line via UPS-Tracking.
  • If extra speed is required, UPS can deliver "express" : possible extra cost will be charged to you.

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